Joseph Federico

Vice President, NJMET

 Clifton, New Jersey

NJMET's Services By Joseph Federico

  • Electronic Component Distribution
  • Screening and Qualification
  • Electrical Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Mechanical Testing
  • R/F Microwave Testing
  • Counterfeit/Cloned Product Detection
  • RoHS Compliance Testing
  • Component Marking and Mark Permanency Testing
  • Taping and Reeling
  • Turnkey Parts Purchase and Management
  • Reliability Conditioning
  • Digital Testing
  • Linear Test Capabilities
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Component Packaging Inspection
  • Cosmetic Product Ingredient Testing
  • Pharmaceutical Counterfeit Testing
  • Medical Device Testing
  • About NJMET

    NJMET is a pioneer in the electronic component testing industry and has served the Military, Commercial, Aerospace, Industrial, and Automotive fields, providing worldwide quality electronic component/product testing for over 30 years.