Joseph Federico

Vice President, NJMET

 Clifton, New Jersey

About Joseph Federico

After spending 30 years with NJMET, an electronic component verification and testing company in Clifton, New Jersey, (Click HERE to go to NJMET's website.)  Joseph Federico possesses an acute understanding of the most pressing industry needs. Wayne New Jersey resident Joseph Federico started at the company as a Test Engineer and rose through the ranks by instituting effective programs against counterfeit electronic components. 

Joseph Federico has spearheaded worldwide efforts to thwart inauthentic producers and distributors. A Vice President of NJMET, Joseph Federico has expanded the company exponentially, adding new branches in London and Los Angeles in 2002. The company now has inspection centers around the US, including a division in Denver. 

Working in conjunction with a variety of national defense and military organizations, Joseph Federico helped form the first electronic counterfeit detection program in 2003 following several research trips throughout the Asian Pacific Rim. With knowledge gained through decades of experience, Joseph Federico launched MISSION: IMPOSTER, a revolutionary counterfeit detection program, in 2006. 

The MISSION: IMPOSTER program, developed by Joseph Federico, involves a comprehensive series of visual and radiographic inspections and material analyses to test electronic components. Since the release of the MISSION: IMPOSTER program, Joseph Federico traverses the globe to speak about the counterfeit epidemic and detection measures. In September of 2011, Joseph spoke about proper testing for counterfeit electronics at the DMSMS conference in Hollywood Florida.

Joseph Federico continually finds ways of giving back to his community. Most recently, Joe Federico announced the re-launch of his award-winning enterprise, the Federico Productions Video Company, now revamped as nonprofit organization. Joe Federico's company provides production services to local and national agencies. In addition,  Over the past six years,
Joseph has been very involved in assisting with relief efforts in Sri Lanka. In a recent interview Joe explained a deep desire to help out orphanages as well as needy families.  You can read Joe’s interview at

Joseph Federico, of NJMET, Clifton New Jersey